Valor of Womanhood

Valorhood of Women from World War 1During the World War of 1914 – 1918, women did splendid service in France and Belgium. The distinguished war correspondent Sir Phillip Gibbs says: “Among the women behind the German lines were many gallant girls, English, Scottish and Irish, as well as French and Belgian, who took the most deadly risks in order to help our soldiers and our cause, and whose discovery would have lead to death.

Not less gallant were those thousands of British and American girls who came over to France to nurse our wounded. They were glorious in their devotion to duty, beautiful in their patient drudgery, wonderful in their courage under fire.

So it is, remembering these things, that every solder who came back from France and Belgium has a reverence for the women who were there, and gives in his heart a salute to the valor of womanhood revealed in the war.

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