Teenage Girl Helps Mistreated Animals


A teenager from Western New York has begun a club to raise money to help mistreated animals. She is a fine example of a young woman being “History in the Making”.
Animal Associates ( www.animalassociates.freeservers.com )
was started in 2001 by Darcie Hancock when she was only twelve years old. “Since I can remember I always wanted to volunteer at places that helped animals, but I was always told that I was too young,” laments Darcie. “My mom told me to write a letter to the local newspaper about my ideas, so I did. But I wanted to do more, so I began Animal Associates. Our club holds fundraisers and donates the proceeds to places like the SPCA (a no-kill shelter) and Jackie Perry’s 2 nd Chance Wildlikfe Rehab Center in Lockport , New York . I also send out periodic newsletters.”
The club currently has about 10 members all over Western New York that range in age from 7 – 14 years old. “My mom (Dinene Hancock) helps arrange the fundraisers and checks out all the organizations we want to donate to. She also provides our adult supervision,” says Darcie.
Darcie also doesn’t want to take all the credit herself. “I may have started the club, but it is nothing without its members,” she says. The membership includes Patrick, Carolyn, Leah, Chris, Dakota, Kaylla, and Jenna. Dakota’s sister Mandy and her friend Keith aren’t members, but help by providing adult supervision. Some members of Animal Associates wish to begin a chapter in their hometowns. Kaylla lives in Fredonia , New York and Dakota lives in Holly , New York and both girls wish to open chapters in their communities. “I’m proud of all these kids,” praises Dinene Hancock. “They care about the treatment of animals and are willing to help.”
Since its inception, Animal Associates has held three car washes and raised almost $400. Next summer they hope to run a hotdog stand at one of the local supermarkets. All of the money raised is donated to animal organizations.

For more information on Animal Associates you can visit them online at: https://www.animalassociates.freeservers.com
If you’d like to join the club or make a donation you can reach them by regular mail at Animal Associates, P.O. Box 322 , Corfu , NY 14036 or by email at: animalassociates@justice.com