Abigail Adams – First Lady & Patriot

Aspasia – First Woman of Athens

Lady Nancy Astor – First Woman to Sit in the English House of Commons

Simone Biles – Olympic Gymnastic Champion

Antoinette Brown Blackwell – First Ordained Woman Minister in America

Elizabeth Blackwell  – First Female Physician in the U.S.

Rosa Bonheur – French Artist and the First Woman to Earn the Legion of Honor in Paris

Margaret Brent – First Woman to Request the Vote

Barbara Bush – First Lady and Mother of George W. Bush

Laura Welch Bush  – First Lady and Wife of George W. Bush

Frances Folsom Cleveland – Wife of President Grover Cleveland

Bessie Coleman – American Aviator

Marie Sklodowska Curie Polish – Born Chemist & Physicist

Amelia Earhart – The First Woman to Fly Solo Across the Atlantic

Mamie Eisenhower – Military Wife and First Lady

Fabiola – Founder of the First Hospital in Rome

Miriam Ferguson – First Female Governor of Texas

Abigail Powers Fillmore – The Literary First Lady

Cornelia Fort – First Woman to Die in Active Military Duty

Lucretia Garfield – Five Month First Lady

Hypatia – First Woman to Make a Substantial Contribution to the Development of Mathematics

Josephine – Empress of France, First Wife of Napoleon Bonaparte

Julia Dent Grant –  The General’s Lady

Lucy Webb Hayes – Legendary First Lady

Caroline Harrison – First Lady and Domestic Activist

Anna Symmes Harrison – Wife of President William Harrison

Lou Henry Hoover – Wife of Henry Hoover

Vinnie Ream Hoxie  – Sculptor and the First Woman to Receive an Order from the United States Government for a Statue

Rachel Jackson –  The General’s Lady

Claudia Johnson – The First Lady Called “Lady Bird”

Eliza McCardle Johnson – First Lady From Tennessee

Carrie B. Kilgore – First Woman Admitted to Practice Law in the United States

Harriet Lane – First Lady to a Bachelor President

Henrietta Larson – The First Woman Promoted to Full Professor at the Harvard School of Business Administration

Mary Todd Lincoln – The Emancipator’s Lady

Belva A. Lockwood – First Woman Admitted to Bar of U.S. Supreme Court

Ada Byron Lovelace –  The First Computer Programmer

Mary Lyon  – Noted Educator of Women

Dolley Madison  – American Icon

Ida Saxton McKinley – Invalid of the White House

Wilma ManKiller – First Woman Chief of the Cherokee Nation

Mileva Maric – Mother of the Theory of Relativity

Mary – Mother of Jesus

Maria Mitchell – Pioneer Scientist

Elizabeth Monroe – Elegance in the White House

Maria Montessori – Italian Physician and Educator

Sandra Day O’Connor – First Female Supreme Court Associate Justice

Catherine Parr – The Reluctant Tudor Queen

Jane Appleton Pierce – Shadow of the White House

Sarah Polk – First Lady & Wife of James K. Polk

Princess Diana – The People’s Princess

Edith Carow Roosevelt –  Calm Among the Storm

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton – First American to be Canonized as a Saint

Valentina Tereshkova –  The First Woman in Space

Bess Truman –  “The Boss”

Letitia Christian Tyler – The Invisible First Lady

Julia Gardner Tyler –  The Rode of Long Island

Madam C.J. Walker –  First African-American Female Millionaire

Martha Washington – The “First” First Lady

Emma Hart Willard – Founded the First Permanent Female Seminary in America