A Century of Achievement with Special Reference to America

Abigail Adams – Wife of President John Adams

Victoria Alexandrina – England’s Noblest Queen and Empress of India

Louisa May Alcott – Author of Little Men and Little Women

Tsze Hsi An – The Famous Empress Dowager of China

Susan B. Anthony – Woman’s Rights Advocate

Marie Antoinette – Ill Fated Queen of France

Jane Austen – One of the Greater English Novelists

Beatrice – Inspiration of Dante’s Life

Berenice – Daughter of Herod Agrippa

“Mother” Bickerdyke – Hospital Administrator for Union Soldiers

Blandina – The Slave Girl of Lyons

Mrs. Catherine Booth – Mother of the Salvation Army

Laura Bridgman – Beyond the Silent Darkness

Elizabeth B. Browning – English Poetress

Marie Corelli – Popular English Novelist

Alice and Phoebe Cary – The Literary sisters

Saint Catherine of Siena – Member of the order of St. Dominic

Mrs. Frances Cleveland – Mistress of the White House at Twenty-Two

Varina Anne “Winnie” Davis – “The Daughter of the Confederacy”

Marie Deffand – Patron of Fashion and Literature

Mary Abigail Dodge (Gail Hamilton) – American Authoress and Critic

Maria Edgeworth – English Novelist

Amelia B. Edwards – English Novelist and Egyptologist

George Eliot (Marian Evans) – The Greatest English Woman Novelist

Elizabeth I – Queen of England

General Conditions During the Dark Ages from 500-1100 A.D.

Helen Miller Gould – A Princess Among Givers

Vinnie Ream Hoxie – The First American Sculptor

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary – Daughter of King Andrew II and Gertrude

Françoise d’Aubigné – Second wife of King Louis XIV of France

From the Birth of Christ to the Fall of Rome

Anne Dacier – Celebrated Scholar and Linguist

Elizabeth C. Gaskell – English Novelist of Industrial Life

Genevieve – Her Courage Saved the City of Paris

Lucy Webb Hayes – Poetess, wife of President Hayes & First Practical Temperance Reformer of the White House

Hatsu or Hatshepsut – Famous Egyptian Queen, Builder and Explorer

Helena – Mother of Constantine the Great

Herodias and Salome – Wife and Step-Daughter of Herod Antipas

Harriet G. Hosmer – American Sculptor

Margaret Houston – Inspirational Wife

Julia Ward Howe – Author, Philanthropist, Lecturer

Mary H. Hunt – American Temperance Reformer and Educator

Anne Hutchinson – Religious Enthusiast and Reformer

Hypatia – Mathematician and Philosopher

Influence of Medieval Institutions


Queen Isabella – Financed Columbus in his Discovery of America

Helen Hunt Jackson – Champion of the American Indian

Joséphine – Wife of Napoleon and Empress of the French

Clara Louise Kellogg – American Opera Singer

Lucy Larcom – Mill Girl, Teacher and Poetess

Jenny Lind (Goldschmidt) – The World’s Sweetest Singer

Mrs. Sarah Jane (Clarke) Lippincott – Journalist and Serial Writer

Belva Lockwood – First Woman Admitted to Bar of U.S. Supreme Court

Lydia – The First Christian Convert in Europe

Lucretia – Heroine in Early History

Martha and Mary – The Bethany Sisters

Mary II., Queen of England – Wife and Co-Regent of William III.

Mary Magdalene – The Cured Demonic

Julia Mamaea – Mother of Alexander Severus

Harriet L. Martineau – English Authoress

Abigail Masham – Favorite of Queen Anne of England

Maria Mitchell – Pioneer Woman Astronomer

Margaret Fuller Ossoli – American Authoress

Mary N. Murfree – The Novelist of Southern Life

Margaret Oliphant – English Novelist and Biographer

Adelina Maria Patti – Greatest Italian Vocalist of the Century

The Period of the Renaissance and Following


Euphrosyne Parepa-Rosa – Famous Operatic Singer

Pioneer Mothers of America


Professional Nursing

Professional Women in the United States

Property Rights of Women – During the Civil War Times

Madame Récamier – Celebrated French Beauty

Phoebe – Deaconess of Cenchrea

Christina G. Rossetti – Poetess of the Spiritual Life

Margaret E. Sangster – Author and Editor of Harper’s Bazaar

Irena Sendler – Friend of Polish Jews

Sarah Siddons – The Greatest English Tragic Actress

Mary Slessor – Missionary to Cannibals

Lady Henry Somerset – Philanthropist and Temperance Leader

Elizabeth Cady Stanton – Champion of Women’s Rights

Lucy Stone – From Farm to College and Beyond

Mary Stuart – Queen of Scotland

Mrs. Mary Virginia Terhune – Celebrated Writer on Domestic Economy

The Christian Ministry – During the Civil War Times

Thermuthis – Pharaoh’s Daughter, Foster Mother of Moses

Top Five Women in The History of Jewelry

Valor of Womanhood

Mrs. Humphry Ward – English Novelist

What Woman has Done with her Pen During the 19th Century

Frances E. Willard – The Foremost American Temperance Reformer

Woman Before the Christian Era – From Eden to Christ


Women and the Ballot During the Civil War Times

Women and the Cross During the Civil War Times

Woman and the Stage In the 19th Century

Woman as a Wage-Earner in the 19th Century

Women in Educational Progress in the 19th Century

Woman in Literature During the 19th Century


Women in Philanthropy in the 19th Century

Woman in the Alliance Movement During the 19th Century

Woman in the Profession of Law During the Civil War Times

Woman in Profession of Medicine in the 19th Century

Women in Political Organizations in the 19th Century


Woman in Social Reform in the 19th Century

The Education of Women in Social Reform


Woman’s Achievement in Invention and Science in the Late 1800’s

Woman as an Artist in the 19th Century

Woman’s Higher Education in the 19th century

Woman in Worldwide Missions in the 19th Century

Woman in the Home During the 19th Century

Women of the South During the Civil War Times

Women Suffrage During the Civial War Times

Women Teaching – During the Civil War Times

Xantippe – The Typical Scold, Wife of Socrates