Abigail Adams – Wife of President John Adams

Victoria Alexandrina – England’s Noblest Queen and Empress of India

Louisa May Alcott – Author of “Little Men” and “Little Women”

Susan B. Anthony – Woman’s Rights Advocate

Marie Antoinette – Ill Fated Queen of France

Jane Austen – One of the Greater English Novelists

Beatrice – Inspiration of Dante’s Life

Berenice – Daughter of Herod Agrippa

Blandina – The Slave Girl of Lyons

Mrs. Catherine Booth – Mother of the Salvation Army

Elizabeth B. Browning – English Poetress

Alice and Phoebe Cary – The Literary sisters

Saint Catherine of Siena – Member of the order of St. Dominic

Varina Anne “Winnie” Davis – “The Daughter of the Confederacy”

Marie Deffand – Patron of Fashion and Literature

Mary Abigail Dodge (Gail Hamilton) – American Authoress and Critic

Maria Edgeworth – English Novelist

Amelia B. Edwards – English Novelist and Egyptologist

George Eliot (Marian Evans) – The Greatest English Woman Novelist

Elizabeth I – Queen of England

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary – Daughter of King Andrew II and Gertrude

Françoise d’Aubigné – Second wife of King Louis XIV of France

Anne Dacier – Celebrated Scholar and Linguist

Elizabeth C. Gaskell – English Novelist of Industrial Life

Genevieve – Her Courage Saved the City of Paris

Angelina & Sarah Grimke

Grimke Sisters

Lucy Webb Hayes – Poetess, wife of President Hayes & First Practical Temperance Reformer of the White House

Hatsu or Hatshepsut – Famous Egyptian Queen, Builder and Explorer

Helena – Mother of Constantine the Great

Herodias and Salome – Wife and Step-Daughter of Herod Antipas

Harriet G. Hosmer – American Sculptor

Julia Ward Howe – Author, Philanthropist, Lecturer

Mary H. Hunt – American Temperance Reformer and Educator

Anne Hutchinson – Religious Enthusiast and Reformer

Hypatia – Mathematician and Philosopher

Jean Ingelow – Popular English Poetress

Helen Hunt Jackson – Champion of the American Indian

Joséphine – Wife of Napoleon and Empress of the French

Queen Isabella – Financed Columbus in his Discovery of America

Lucy Larcom – Mill Girl, Teacher and Poetess

Jenny Lind (Goldschmidt) – The World’s Sweetest Singer

Belva Lockwood – First Woman Admitted to Bar of U.S. Supreme Court

Lydia – The First Christian Convert in Europe

Lucretia – Heroine in Early History

Martha and Mary – The Bethany Sisters

Mary II., Queen of England – Wife and Co-Regent of William III.

Mary Magdalene – The Cured Demonic

Julia Mamaea – Mother of Alexander Severus

Harriet L. Martineau – English Authoress

Abigail Masham – Favorite of Queen Anne of England

Maria Mitchell – Pioneer Woman Astronomer

Margaret Fuller Ossoli – American Authoress

Mary N. Murfree – The Novelist of Southern Life

Margaret Oliphant – English Novelist and Biographer

Euphrosyne Parepa-Rosa – Famous Operatic Singer

Madame Récamier – Celebrated French Beauty

Phoebe – Deaconess of Cenchrea

Christina G. Rossetti – Poetess of the Spiritual Life

Irena Sendler – Friend of Polish Jews

Sarah Siddons – The Greatest English Tragic Actress

Lady Henry Somerset – Philanthropist and Temperance Leader

Elizabeth Cady Stanton – Champion of Women’s Rights

Lucy Stone – From Farm to College and Beyond

Mary Stuart – Queen of Scotland

Thermuthis – Pharaoh’s Daughter, Foster Mother of Moses

Mrs. Humphry Ward – English Novelist

Frances E. Willard – The Foremost American Temperance Reformer

Women and the Cross

Xantippe – The Typical Scold, Wife of Socrates