Agrippina II – Mother of Nero

Alexandra – Dowager Queen of England

Anna Amalia – Duchess of Saxe-Weimar

Anne of Austria – Queen Mother of Louis XIV of France

Anne Boleyn – Second Wife of Henry VIII of England

Artemisia – Queen of Caria, Conqueror of Rhodes

Berengaria of Navarre – Wife of Richard the Lion Hearted

Blanche of Castile – Queen of France

Catharine I. of Russia –  Queen of Peter the Great 1684-1727

Catherine of Valois – Queen of Henry V of England

Christina of Sweden – Daughter of Gustavus Adolphus

Cleopatra – Queen of Egypt

Princess Dido – Founder of Carthage, Rome’s Great Rival

Dorothea – Princess of Lieven

Elizabeth – Queen of Spain

Elizabeth I – Last of the Tudor Line

Elizabeth II –  England’s Queen Mother

Eleanor of Aquitaine – Queen of Louis VII of France

Empress Eugénie – Wife of Napoleon III

Eponina – Heroine of Conjugal Affection

Hatshepsut – Female Pharaoh of Egypt

Isabella – Friend and Supporter of Columbus

Jane of Flanders – Countess of Montfort

Jeanne D’Albret – Queen of Navarre

Joan Beaufort – Queen Mother of James II of Scotland

Josephine – Wife of Napoleon

Lady Jane Grey – The “Nine Days Queen of England”

Mariamne – Herod’s Wife and Victim

Maria Theresa – The Greatest of Austrian Rulers

Marie Antoinette – Queen of France

Mary, Queen of Scots – Beheaded by Queen Elizabeth

Mary II – Queen of England

Madame de Maintenon

Margaret Thatcher – Former Prime Minister of UK

Marquise de Pompadour (Jeanne Antionette) – French Political Ruler

Nofretari – Sister and Wife of Ahmosis Pharoah

Queen Anne

Queen Isabella – Coregent of Spain

Queen Louise of Prussia – Beloved Queen

Theodora – Byzantine Empress

Tz’u-hsi – Empress of China

Queen of Sheba  – The Queen Who Sought Wisdom

Queen Victoria – Queen of England 1819-1901

Jeanne Françoise “Juliette” Récamier – French Social Leader

Semiramis – Queen of Assyria, Builder of Babylon

Wilhelmina – Queen of Holland

Zenobia – The Celebrated Queen of Palmyra