Emma Abbott – American Singer

Eliza Acton – English Writer

Juliette Adam – French Writer

Hannah Adams – American Historical Writer

Sarah Flower Adams – English Poet

Marietta Alboni – Italian Contralto Singer

Louisa May Alcott – Author of Little Women and Little Men

Lucy Aikin – English Writer

Maya Angelou – “The Black Woman’s Poet Laureate”

Lucy Anderson – English Pianist

Marian Anderson – Renowned Singer

Margaret Anglin – American Actress

Countess von Arnim – English Writer

Anne Askew – Tudor Martyr & Author

Jane Austen A.D.- Great English Novelist

Joanna Baillie – Scotch Poetess and Dramatist

Anna L. Barbauld – Engish Writer

Amelia Edith Barr – American Novelist

Marie Bashkirtseff – Russian Artist and Writer

Kate Bateman – American Actress

Katharine Lee Bates – An Academic’s Patriotic Verses

Mildred Wirt Benson – Novelist/Journalist & Author of Early Nancy Drew Books

Hélène H. Berteaux – French Sculptor

Louise A. Bertin – French Poet and Composer

Hildegard Von Bingen – Medieval Writer

Isabella Bird Bishop – English Travelor and Author

Carol Jacobs-Bond – American Songwriter

Rosa Bonheur – The Eminent Animal Painter

Anne C. L. Botta – American Author

Mary E. Braddon – English Novelist

Fredrika Bremer – Swedish Novelist of Home Life

Anne Brönte – English Novelist

Charlotte Bronté – English Novelist

Emily Brönte – English Novelist

Elizabeth B. Browning – English Poetess

Pearl Buck – Writer and Humanitarian

Candace Cameron Bure – A Multifaceted Journey from Full House to Faith and Entertainment

Frances Hodgson Burnett – Dialect Story Writer

Mary Carpenter – English Philanthropist and Author

Teresa Carrêno – Pianist

Rosalba Carriera – Italian Miniature and Portrait Painter

Elizabeth Carter – English Writer of Prose and Verse

Alice Cary – American Writer

Phoebe Cary – American Writer

Emma Calvé – French Dramatic Soprano

Angelica Catalini – Italian Opera Singer

Margaret Cavendish – Duchess of Newcastle and an English Writer

Cécile Chaminade – French Musical Composer

Mademoiselle Clairon – French Actress

Frances Power Cobbe – English Authoress and Philanthropist

Mary Cowden Clarke – English Writer

Vittoria Colonna – Italian Poet

Sara Coleridge – English Writer

Fanny Corbeaux – English Artist

Marie Corelli – English Novelist

Caroline Francis Cornwallis – English Author

Hannah Cowley – English Dramatist

Charlotte Crabtree – American Actress

Dinah Maria Craik – English Novelist

Fanny Crosby – Hymn Writer and Poet

Mary F. Cusack – Irish Writer

Charlotte Cushman – American Actress

Madame D’Arblay (Fanny Burney) – English Authoress and Social Leader

Anne Dacier – Devoted Herself to Education

Princess Dashkoff – Russian Litterateur

Louise d’Epinay – French Writer

Fanny Davenport – American Actress

Anna E. Dickinson – Author and War-Time Lecturer

Emily Dickinson –  19th Century Poet

Lady Florence Dixie – English Explorer and Writer

Dora d’Istria – Rumanian Author

Mary Abigail Dodge (Gail Hamilton) – American Authoress

Annette von Droste-Hülshoff – German Poet

Marie F. Dumesnil – French Actress

Sandy Duncan – Television and Movie Star

Marguerite Duras – Author

Eleonora Duse – Italian Actress

Emma Eames – American Operatic Prima Donna

Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach – Austrian Author

Anne C. Edgren-Leffler – Swedish Realistic Novelist and Dramatist

Maria Edgworth  – English Novelist

Amelia B. Edwards – English Novelist and Egyptologist

George Eliot – English Woman Novelist

Elisabeth Elliot – Missionary Wife, Mother and Author

Charlotte Elliott – Coming to God – “Just As I Am”

Elizabeth, Queen of Rumania – Poet and Novelist

Fanny Elssler – Austrian Dancer

Therese Elssler – Austrian Dancer

Eliza W. Farnham – American Philanthropist and Writer

Helena S. Faucit – English Actress

Elisabeth “Eliza/Élisa” Rachel Félix – Greatest Tragic Actress of France

Susan E. Ferrier – Scottish Novelist

Olive Fremstad – American Dramatic Soprano

Annette Funicello – The Mouseketeer Who Charmed America

Mary Garden – American Dramatic Soprano

Elizabeth C. Gaskell – English Novelist of Industrial Life

Mary C. Frazer – English Author

Comtesse de Genlis – French Writer and Educator

Marguerite J. Georges – French Actress

Etelka Gerster – Hungarian Singer

Elizabeth Meriwether Gilmer –  Advice Columnist

Lisa del Giocondo – “Mona Lisa”

Kate Greenaway – English Artist

Lady Augusta Gregory – Irish Dramatist

Sarah M. Grimké – American Philanthropist and Writer

Giulia Grisi – Famous Dramatic Soprano

Eliza Greatorex – American Artist

Eleanor “Nell” Gwynn – English Actress

Sarah Josepha Hale – 19th Century Author and Editor

Elizabeth Hamilton  – Irish Author and Educator

Felicia Dorothea Hemans – English Poet & Dramatist

Matilda Heron – American Actress

Ima Hogg – Texas Philanthropist

Marietta Holley – 19th Century American Author

Augusta M. A. Holmès – French Composer

Annie E.F. Horniman – English Dramatic Manager and Producer

Harriet G. Hosmer  – American Sculptor

Julia Ward Howe – American Poet and Social Worker

Mary Howitt – English Author

Vinnie Ream Hoxie –  American Sculptor

Elizabeth Inchbald – English Actress, Dramatist and Novelist

Jean Ingelow  – Popular English Poetess

Helen F. H. Jackson – American Poet and Novelist

Mahalia Jackson – Queen of Gospel Music

Anna Jameson – British Authoress

Olivia Newton-John – Popular Singer-Actress and Cancer Survivor

Dorothea “Dorothy or Dora” Jordan – Irish Actress

Maria A. Kauffmann – Swiss Painter

Ellen Tree Kean – English Actress

Mary Anne Keeley – English Actress

Laura Keene – American Actress and Manager

Helen Keller – Writer & Lecturer and Advocate for the Handicapped

Clara Louise Kellogg – American Opera Singer

Grace Kelly – Princess of Monaco

Adelaide Kemble – English Opera Singer and Author

Frances Anne Kemble – English Actress and Author

Ellen Key – Swedish Social and Ethical Writer

Mary H. Kingsley – English Traveller, Ethnologist, Author

Sophia Kovalevsky – Russian Mathematician and Author

Comtesse de Lafayette – French Novelist

Louise Labé – French Poet

Selma Lagerlöf – Swedish Novelist

Hedy Lamarr – Exotic Actress and Inventor

Lillie Langtry – English Actress

Angela Lansbury – Versatile & Gracious Thespian

Liza Lehmann – English Musical Composer and Vocalist

Mary A. Livermore – Journalist, Philanthropist, and Lecturer

Loretta Lynn – Classic Country Music Artist & Survivor

Mathilde Marchesi – French Singing Teacher

Julia Marlowe – American Actress

Mary Anne Lamb – English Author

Emma Lazarus – American Jewish Poet and Philanthropist

Élisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun – French Painter

Lilli Lehmann – Distinguished Dramatic Soprano

Vivien Leigh – American Actress

Estelle A. B. Lewis – American Dramatist and Poet

Jenny Lind -The World’s Sweetest Singer

Elizabeth Linley – English Singer

Sarah Jane Lippincott – The Legendary “Grace Greenwood”

Hattie McDaniel – Oscar Winning Pioneer Actress

Linda Sue McGrath – Art Teacher

Maria F. Malibran – Spanish Singer

Anne François Mars – French Actress

Harriet Martineau – English Author

Amalie Materna – Austrian Opera Singer

Nellie Melba – Australian Operatic Soprano

Adah Isaacs Menken – American Actress

Alice Meynell – English Poet, Essayist and Critic

Lucy Larcom Mill Girl – Teacher and Poetess

Mary Russell Mitford – English Authoress

Helena Modjeska – Polish Actress

Lady Mary W. Montagu – English Author & Letter Writer

Lady Sydney Morgan – Irish Novelist

Clara Morris – American Actress

Louise C. Moulton – Poetess, Novelest and Newspaper Correspondent

Dinah Maria Mulock (Mrs. Craik) – Author of John Halifax, Gentleman

Klara Mundt (Pen Name Luise Mühlbach)

Hannah More – English Author & Philanthropist

Louise Mühlbach – German Novelist

Mary Murfee – Novelist

Wilma Neruda – English Violinist

Nichelle Nichols – Actress with an Unexpected Influence

Rhoda Holmes Nicholls – American Watercolor Painter

Florence Nightingale – English Philanthropist & Founder of the Modern Nursing System

Marianne North – English Naturalist and Flower Painter

Caroline E. Norton – English Poet and Novelist

Eliza O’Neill – Irish Actress

Anne Oldfield – English Actress

Margaret Oliphant – Scottish Novelist and Biographer

Margaret Fuller Ossoli – American Authoress

Lady Dorothy Pakington – Authoress and Moralist

E. Parepa-Rosa – English Opera Singer

Dolly Parton – Flamboyant Philanthropic Mega-Star

Giuditta Pasta – Italian Opera Singer

Adelina Maria Patti – Opera Singer

Kathleen Parlow – British Violinist

Anna Pavlowa – Russian Dancer

Elizabeth P. Peabody – American Writer and Educator

Elizabeth Stuart Phelps – Author of Gates Ajar

Catharine Philips – Earliest English Sentimental Writer

Jane & Anna Maria Porter – English Romantic Novelists

Beatrix Potter – Author of Peter Rabbit

Adelaide Anne Procter – English Poet

Mary T. S. Putnam – American Author

Ann Radcliffe – English Romantic Novelist

“Ouida” Maria Louise Rame – English Novelist

Ada Rehan – American Actress

Gabrielle Réjane – French Actress

Comtesse de Rémusat – Noted Beauty of the Court of Napoleon I

Adelaide Ristori – Italian Tragic Actress

Euphrosyne Parepa Rosa – Singer

Christina G. Rossetti – English Poet

Rachel Ruysch – Dutch Flower and Fruit Painter

George Sand – French Novelist

Margaret E. Sangster – Author & and Editor of Harper’s Bazaar

Margaret M. Saunders – Canadian Author

Clara J. Schumann – German Musician, Composer and Pianist

Ernestine Schumann-Heink – Dramatic Contralto

Madeleine de Scudery – French Novelist

Catharine Maria Sedgwick – Authoress and Teacher

Marcella Sembrich – Operatic Soprano

Anna Sewell – English Author

Ella Sheppard – Singer, Pianist & Teacher

Kate Smith – Beloved Singer

Harriet Beecher Stowe – American Writer

Jane Grey Swisshelm – American Journalist, Anti-Slavery Agitator and War Nurse

Mrs. Humphry Ward – English Novelist

Sarah Siddons  – Actress

Madame de Sévigné – French Writer

Olive Schreiner – English-South African Writer

Lydia H. Sigourney – American Writer

Edith Sitwell – Modern Poet

Harriet Prescott Spofford – Novelist and Journalist

Henriette Sontag – German Opera Singer

Madame de Staël – French Novelist and Miscellaneous Writer

Flora Annie Steel – English Novelist

Agnes Strickland – English Historical and Biographical Writer

Ruth McEnery Stuart – American Storywriter

Bertha von Suttner – Austrian Novelist

Anna Swanwick – English Writer, Translator and Philanthropist

Maria Taglioni – Italian Dancer

Maria Tallchief – Prima Ballerina

Shirley Temple – Film Princess

Mary Virginia Terhune  – Author

Ellen Terry – English Actress

Luisa Tetrazzini – Italian Prima Donna

Edith M. Thomas – American Poet and Essayist

Thérèse Tietjens – Hungarian Prima Donna

Mary Frances Thompson “Te Ata” Fisher – Chickasaw Storyteller

Frances Trollope  – English Critic of American Domestic Life

Marie Tussaud – Found of the “Madame Tussaund’s Exhibition”

Pauline G. Viardot – Spanish Vocalist

Charlotte M. Yonge – English Novelist and Historian

Cosima Wagner – Second Wife of Richard Wagner, Composer

Priscilla Wakefield – English Writer

Barbara Walters – Renowned American Journalist And Interviewer

Ethel Waters – God’s Sparrow

Anna B. Warner – American Novelist

Susan Warner – American Novelist

Mercy Warren – American Writer and Patriot

Phillis Wheatley  – First African-American Writer of Consequence

Ella Wheeler Wilcox – American Writer of Popular Verse

Kate Douglas Wiggin – American Author

Laura Ingalls Wilder  –  Pioneer & Author

Blanche Whiffin – American Actress

Betty White Houston – The First Lady of Television

Margaret “Peg” Woffington – English Actress

Charlotte Wolter – Austrian Actress

Mrs. Henry Wood – English Novelist

Constance Fenimore Woolson – American Novelist

Dorothy Wordsworth – English Writer