Sarah Bache – Only Daughter of Benjamin Franklin

Marie J. du Barry – Countess

Clara Barton – American Philanthropist, Founder of the American Red Cross

Elizabeth Blackwell – First Female Physician in the U.S.

Maud Ballington Booth – Leader of the Volunteers of America

Anne Boleyn – Queen of England

Queen Anne – Queen of Great Britain and Ireland

Marie Anne Boivin – French Midwife

Laura Bridgman – Beyond the Silent Darkness

Charlotte Brontë – English Novelist

Baroness Angela Burdett-Coutts – Philanthropist

Elizabeth Barrett Browning – One of the Great Poets of England

Catherine Breshkovsky – Russian Heroine

Mary Bowser –  From Slave to Spy

Margaret Brown – The “Unsinkable” Survivor

Jane Welsh Carlyle – Wife of Essayist Thomas Carlyle

Catherine I – Empress of Russia

Edith Cavell – English War Nurse

Martha M. Caylus – Social Leader

Caroline Chisholm – English Philanthropist

Christina – Queen of Sweden

Charlotte Corday – French Heroine

Agnes Mary Clerke – English Astronomer and Scientific Writer

Fanny Crosby – Blind Hymn Writer

Mary Crowley – Founder of Home Interiors & Gifts, Inc.

Countess of Albany – Wife of the Last of the Stuarts

Countess of Warwick – British Philanthropist and Social Leader

Marie Curie – Polish-French Physicist and Chemist

Dat So La Lee – The Basket Maker

Emily Dickinson – American Poet

Amelia Earhart – First Lady of the Sky

Maria Edgeworth – Irish Novelist

Amelia B. Edwards – English Author, Traveller and Lecturer

Empress Amelia Eugenie Elizabeth – Empress-Queen of Austria-Hungary

Mina A. Ellis – Canadian Explorer and Author

Eugenie – Empress of France

Emily Faithfull – English Philanthropist

W.P. Fleming – American Astronomer

Anne Frank – Courageous Teen

Selina Hastings – Countess of Huntington

Felicia D. Hemans – English Poet

Caroline Herschel – Astronomer and Scientist

E. Cora Hind – Female Journalist & Women’s Rights Advocate

Helen L. Grenfell – American Educator and Penologist

Jean Ingelow – English Poet and Novelist

Anna B. Jameson – English Writer

Sophia Jex-Blake – English Physician

Mrs. Kiyo Mini Jima – Japanese Business Woman and Philanthropist

Olivia Newton-John – Popular Singer-Actress and Cancer Survivor

Sofia Kovalevskaya – Mathematician

Nicole R. Lepautev – French Mathematician

Ida Lewis – Keeper of the Light

Jenny Lind – Swedish Vocalist

Ninon de L’Enclos – A Model of Refinement and Elegance

Julie de Lespinasse – French Lady Remarkable for her Intellectual Gifts and Accomplishments

Louise – Queen of Prussia

Catherine McAuley – Irish Philanthropist, Founder and First Superior of the Sisters of Mercy

Anne Sullivan Macy – Helen Keller’s “Teacher”

Dorothy “Dolley” Madison – American Social Leader

Charlotte Mason – A Life Lived For Children

Helen Miller – Gould Philanthropist

Tarquinia Molza – Italian Singer, Poet, Conductor, Composer and Scholar

Mary N. Murfree – American Novelist

Mary Russell Mitford – English Novelist and Dramatist

Florence Nightingale – English Philanthropist and Crimean Nurse

Christine Nilsson – Swedish Singer

Eleanor A. Ormerod – English Naturalist and Entomologist

Lady Arthur Paget – English-American Social Leader, Philanthropist and War Nurse

Dorothy W. Pattison – English Nurse

Ida Pfeiffer – Austrian Traveler

Princess Diana – The People’s Princess

Madame Recamier – Celebrated French Beauty

Madame Roland – French Patriot

Mrs. Frank Leslie (Miriam) – Successful Business Woman and Publisher

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary – Daughter of King Andrew II and Gertrude

Sarah Siddons – Greatest Actress of the English Stage

Sister Louise  – Celebrated for her intimate relations with Louis XIV

Mary Somerville – British Physicist

Mrs. Leland Stanford – Co-Founder of Leland Stanford Jr. University

Lady Hester Stanhope – English Traveler

Sara Yorke Stevenson – American Archaeologist

Alexandrine Tinné – African Explorer

Lillian M. Treble – Canadian Philanthropist

Victoria – Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and Empress of India

Betty White Houston – The First Lady of Television

Women Who Survived – Cynthia Ann Parker and Mary Jemison

Katharine Prescott Wormeley – American Translator and Author

Women Who Survived – Cynthia Ann Parker and Mary Jemison

Charlotte M. Yonge – English Author