Agostina – A Spanish Heroine

Abigail, The Beautiful Peacemaker – Wife of Nabal

Sarah Adams – Hymn Writer

Saint Adelaide – Daughter of Rudolph II, King of Burgundy

Agnes and Anastasia – Martyrs in the Diocletian Persecution

Angélique Arnauld – French Abbess and Religious Influence

Anne Askew – Tudor Martyr & Author

Anne of Bretagne – Patroness of Learning and Literature

Agostina – A Spanish Heroine

Gladys Aylward – Missionary to China

Margaret Beaufort – Mother of King Henry VII of England

Dorothea Beale – English Schoolmistress

Antoinette Blackwell – The First Woman to be Ordained as a Minister

Blandina – Slave Girl of Lyons

Catharine of Aragon – Queen of England

Catherine Booth – Founder of the Salvation Army

Catherine of Siena – Saintly Woman from Italy

Amy Carmichael – Founder of Dohnavur Fellowship

Lucrezia Borgia – Daughter of Pope Alexander VI.

Dorcas – The Queen of the Needle

Elizabeth – Mother of John the Baptist

Fanny Crosby – Hymn Writer

Ann Cutler – The “Praying Nanny”

Deborah – Biblical Leader

Esther – Beautiful Jewish Queen

Mary Bosanquet Fletcher – English Deaconess in the Early Methodist Movement

Saint Genevieve – Patron Saint of Paris

Isabella Graham – Scottish Philanthropist

Lady Jane Grey – English Martyr

Jeanne Marie Guyon – French Religious Writer

Jephthah’s Daughter – Victim of a Father’s Foolish Vow

Joan of Arc (Jeanne d’Arc) – French Heroine and Martyr

Judith – Slayer of the Assyrian General Holofernes

Lois Dodds – Ministry to Missionaries

Katharine Marie Drexel – Missionary to Native Americans

Emeline Dryer – Christian Educator and Administrator

Hagar – From the Bible, book of Genesis

Elizabeth of Hungary – Saintly Princess

Madame Guyon – Mystic

Hannah – Mother of Samuel the Prophet

Selina Hastings – Countess of Huntingdon Patroness of Revival

Frances Ridley Havergal – English Religious Poet and Hymn Writer

Laura Smith Haviland – Wesleyan Pioneer

Saint Helena – Wife of Constantius Chlorus and Mother of Constatine the Great

Héloïse – French Scholar and Abbess

Heloise – Pupil and Mistress of Abelard

Pauline Hord – Woman of Prayer

Lady Huntingdon – English Religious Leader

Anne Hutchinson – Advocate for Religious Freedom

Anna T. Jeanes – American Quaker Philanthropist

Lizzie Johnson – Missionary Quilt Maker

Ann Judson – Missionary to the Far East

Lydia A.D. 53 – The First Christian Convert in Europe

Mary Magdalene – Faithful Friend

Mary – Mother of Jesus

Martha and Mary – The Bethany Sisters

Aimee Semple McPherson – Well-Known Woman Evangelist

Maria Theresa – Queen of Hungary and Bohemia, German Empress and Archduchess of Austria

Henrietta Mears – Sunday School Teacher

Marilyn Miller – Missionary

Miriam, The Prophetess – Sister of Moses and Aaron

Monica – Mother of St. Augustine

Lottie Moon – Missionary to China

Hannah More – English Author

Lucretia Mott – American Reformer

Florence Nightingale – English Noblewoman

Olympias – Gave her Live and Wealth to Philanthropy

Paula – Early Friend of Education and Philanthropy

Mrs. Phoebe Palmer – Evangelist and Writer

Perpetua and Felicitas – The Lady and the Slave of Carthage

Phoebe – Deaconess of Cenchrea

Pocahontas – Celebrated Indian Princess

Práxedes and Pudentiana – The Lingering Fragrance of Sacrifice

Priscilla – The Missionary Tentmaker

Pulcheria and Eudocia – Sister and Wife of Emperor Theodosius II

Rachel, The Beloved – Mother of Joseph, the Prime Minister of Israel

Rahab – The Scarlet Woman of Christmas

Pandita Rambai – Bible Translator & Defender of Child Widows

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton – Foundress of the Sisters of Charity & is the Patron Saint of Catholic Schools

Queen Theodelinda – Zealous in Spreading Christianity

Rebekah – Mother of Jacob and Esau

Alison Rivera – Web Host & Website Designer

Hester Ann Rogers – British Methodist Writer

Ruth – The Foreign Woman

Pandita Ramabai Sarasvati – Educated Hindu Defender of Child-Widows

Sarah, The Princess – Wife of Abraham, Mother of the Jews

Anna Howard Shaw – American Suffragist Leader, Minister and Physician

Eliza Shirley – Pioneer for the Salvation Army in America

Mary Slessor – Missionary to Nigeria

Agnes Smith Lewis – English Orientalist

Susannah Spurgeon – Faithful wife of Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Dr. Clara Swain – Medical Missionary

Tamar – The Forgotten Woman of Christmas

Mother Teresa – Compassionate Servant of God

Louise de la Vallière – Favorite of Louis XIV

Martha Washington – Wife of the First President of the United States

Ethel Waters – God’s Sparrow

Susanna Wesley – Mother of Methodism

Women and the Cross

Sabina Wurbrand – The Voice of the Martyrs