Abigail Smith Adams – Wife of the Second President of the United States

Mary Kay Ash – Entrepreneur of Beauty

Jesse Daniel Ames – Anti-Lynching Advocate

Elizabeth G. Anderson – English Physician and Pioneer of Women’s Rights

Marian Anderson – Renowned Singer

Maya Angelou – “The Black Woman’s Poet Laureate”

Susan B. Anthony – Champion of Woman’s Rights

Aspasia – Ancient Greek Pioneer of Women’s Rights

Mary Astell – First English Feminist Author

Ella Baker – Crusading Activist

Kate Barnard – American Philanthropist and Social Reformer

Clara Barton – American Humanitarian

Ida Wells-Barnett – Anti-Lynching Crusader

Alva E. Belmont – American Philanthropist and Woman Suffrage Leader

Mary Mcleod Bethune – Education and Civil Rights Activist

Mother Bickerdyke – Civil War Nurse

Nelly Bly – Investigative Reporter

Inez M. Boissevain – American Suffrage Leader and Lawyer

Evangeline Booth – Salvation Army Leader

Edith Cavell – Resistance Fighter Nurse

Carrie Chapman Catt – Woman’s Suffrage Leader

Lydia Maria Child – Anti-Slavery Advocate

Sarah Dunn Clarke – “Mother” of Pacific Gospel Mission

Laura Clay – Kentuckian for Women’s Suffrage

Jewel Plummer Cobb – Scientist and Social Reformer of Advancement of Women and Underrepresented Minorities

Francis Powers Cobbe – Founder of Ragged Schools

Bessie Coleman – American Aviator

Coralie Franklin Cook – Educator and Activist

Minnie Fisher Cunningham – Suffrage Advocate, Political Activist and Candidate

Anna Elizabeth Dickinson – Women’s Rights Advocate, Abolitionist and Orator

Dorathea Dix – Prison Reformer

Mary Dyer – Quaker Martyr

Elizabeth “Mumbet” Freeman – Slave Who Sued for Her Freedom

Elizabeth Fry – English Reformer

Althea Gibson – Tennis and Golf Pro

Ruth Bader Ginsberg – A Justice of Historic Stature Period

Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin – English Writer

Angelina E. Grimké – Anti-Slavery Movement

Mary Harriman – Founder of the Junior League

Lucy Webb Hayes – Wife of President Hayes and First Practical Temperance Reformer of the White House

Laura Smith Haviland – Seeking and Serving the Unfree

Judith Heumann – Advocate for the Disabled

Octavia Hill – English Social Reformer and Author

Ima Hogg – Texas Philanthropist

Julia Ward Howe – Author, Hymn Writer, Philanthropist, Reformer

Mary H. Hunt – American Temperance Reformer and Educator

Helen Hunt Jackson – Champion of the American Indian

Anna Jarvis – Founder of Mother’s Day

Mother Jones – Social Warrior for the Poor

Joan Kroc – Philanthropist

Mary Livermore – American Journalist & Social Reformer

Kay Livingstone – Enforcer of Minority Rights

Belva Ann Lockwood – American Lawyer and Reformer

Nettie McCormick – Devoted Philanthropist

Annie Turnbo Malone – Woman Entrepreneur

Alice Marble – Tennis Champion with a Mystery

Bridgett “Biddy” Mason – From Slavery to Landowner Philanthropist

Louise Michel – French Anarchist Agitator

Irene Morgan – Civil Rights Pioneer

Lina B. Morgenstern – German Social Reformer

Lucretia Mott – Women’s Suffrage Advocate

Carry Nation – Activist

Sandra Day O’Connor – First Female Supreme Court Associate Justice

Emmeline Pankhurst – Leader of the Militant wing of the English Suffrage Movement

Rosa Parks – Civil Rights Activist

Dolly Parton – Flamboyant Philanthropic Mega-Star

Alice Paul – American Suffragist and Settlement Worker

Philippa of Hainault – Founder of Queen’s College, Oxford

Pandita Ramabai – Indian Social Reformer

Irena Sendler – Friend of the Jews

Anna Howard Shaw – Women’s Rights Advocate

Grimke Sisters – Southern Abolitionists

Grimke Sisters – The Continuing Story

Amanda Smith – Evangelist/Preacher to the World

Lady Henry Somerset – British Temperance Leader

Elizabeth Cady Stanton – Instrumental in Calling the First Women’s Rights Convention

Lucy Stone – Women’s Rights Advocate

Harriet Beecher Stowe – Author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Maria Tallchief – Prima Ballerina

Shirley Temple – Film Princess

Sojourner Truth – Abolitionist/Suffragist

Harriett Tubman – No Equal

Catherine de Vivonne, Marquise de Rambouillet – French Social Leader

Bina West – Founder of Woman’s Life Insurance Society

Anna Kelton Wiley – Suffragist

Francis E. Willard – American Educator and Temperance Reformer

Frances (Fanny) Wright – Activist Extraordinaire