Patti Chadwick Owner of History's Women an extension of PCPublications!Here at History’s Women, it is our belief that many women do not realize the richness of their heritage as displayed in the lives of a multitude of remarkable women that have come before us and have paved the way for women everywhere to be able to pursue their dreams and attain their goals.

The role of women in society has grown and changed dramatically over the centuries. It is because of the sacrifices and labor of the women who have preceded us that we have the rights and privileges that we enjoy today. It is our belief that we should always remember with respect those forerunners and should strive to give honor to those who are working diligently today to make significant contributions within their sphere of influence.

This site has been created to make history come alive for today’s women. It is written from a Christian worldview, recognizing God’s hand at work throughout the ages in the lives of women in all walks of life. It’s our goal to help girls and women all over the world, and especially in the United States of America, to understand and recognize the value of Women’s History.

History’s Women was created by Patricia Chadwick, owner of PC Publications.