Diana, Princess of WalesDiana, Princess of Wales
By Dolores A. Treadway

Richmond, VirginiaI am enjoying Historys Women very much and find the stories enlightening and interesting. I do not have an article on a woman I admire, but I do have a poem if you could look it over for submission.  It is in memory of a woman I admire immensely, Diana, Princess of Wales.

~*~ A Rainbow: Princess Diana ~*~

As the night wore on
in Paris that night,
our beloved Princess Diana
never knew the fate
which would be upon her…

We have lost a rainbow of hope
who touched people’s lives
in compassionate and sincere
ways ~
Princess Diana was a true humanitarian
who glimmered as starshine
within the dimmest of places
on the earth…

To even look at a photograph of her,
makes my heart swell ~
for she gave unconditional love
to those who were ill
and those who were in need
of encouragement and compassion…

My heart will always remember
Princess Diana as a merciful angel
going around the world
in search for the sick and downtrodden ~
she was a sincere woman who overcame
her own troubles
and using her vulnerability and sensitivity
to be gracious and true to others…

Let us remember the beauty
Princess Diana lit up through her heart
and awesome smile ~
She is one to be honored and missed
for the many lives she had touched
in various ways…

Quote by Diana, Princess of Wales