Albion F. BaconAlbion F. Bacon
American Reformer
1865 – 1933 A.D.

 Albion Fellows Bacon, an American reformer, of Evansville, Ind. Though a small, fragile woman, Mrs. Bacon by the intensity of her purpose, after years of struggle, secured for Indiana a tenement-house law which makes slums such as those in our great cities forever impossible in her State, and which will wipe out the little plague spots now in existence. Having accepted the law and secured its passage, Indiana named it after its maker.

By her work Mrs. Bacon increased the health and happiness of citizens in a hundred towns of Indiana, and has inspired reforms in the building laws of other states.


Reference: Famous Women; An Outline of Feminine Achievement Through the Ages With Life Stories of Five Hundred Noted Women By Joseph Adelman. Copyright, 1926 by Ellis M. Lonow Company.

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