Alice BrownAlice Brown
American Novelist and Dramatist
1857 – 1948 A.D.

Alice Brown, an American novelist and dramatist. She wrote a biography of Mercy Otis Warren (1896), some verse, and a book on English travels, but is better known for her artistic analysis of ?New England characters and consciences, in her short stories and novels.

In 1913 a prize of $10,000 was offered by Winthrop Ames for the best play, to be submitted anonymously, by an American author. Nearly seventeen hundred manuscripts were received; and in June, 1914, the judges, Augustus Thomas, Adolph Klauber and Winthrop Ames, awarded the prize to Children of Earth, by Alice Brown. In January, 1915, Mr. Ames produced the play at the Booth Theatre, New York.


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