Amy LowellAmy Lowell
American Poet and Critic
1874 – 1925 A.D.

Amy Lowell, an American poet and critic, sister of President Lowell of Harvard University. In 1912 she published a small book of poems – A dome of Many-Coloured Glass, and this was followed by three other slender volumes of verse – Sword Blades and Poppy Seeds and Men, Women and Ghosts. She also wrote two critical works – Tendencies in Modern American Poetry and Six French Poets, and a book of prose poems entitled Can Grande’s Castle, which appeared in 1917.

Her work as a poet and critic has given her a distinguished position among American writers, and she won high praise from some of the discerning literary minds of her time.

Her last work, published a short time before her death, was a two-volume biography of John Keats, her favorite poet, in which she gave a sympathetic and tender picture of Keats’ sweetheart, Fanny Brawne. Miss Lowell never married, but she was no advocate of a career for women at the sacrifice of marriage and family life.


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