Ann Remington Ellery
Wife of William Ellery, Signer of the Declaration of Independence
1724 – 1764 A.D.

Ann Remington, daughter of Hon. Jonathon Remington of Cambridge, Mass., became in October, 1750, the first wife of William Ellery. She was a highly educated and accomplished young woman and a descendant from Governors Dudley and Bradstreet, of the old Bay Colony.

Ann Remington Ellery's husband William Ellery, Signer of the Declaration of IndependenceWilliam Ellery, son of well-to-do and well-educated parents of Newport, R.I., was graduated from Harvard College in 1747, at the age of twenty, and had just completed his legal studies and begun the practice of law when he returned to Cambridge for his bride. She was three years his junior and their new home in Newport was a centre [sic] of refined and cultured society.

She died in 1764, after bearing him seven children, four daughters and three sons.



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