Dora KeenDora Keen
American Traveler, Mountain Climber and Writer
1871 – 1963 A.D.

Dora Keen, an American traveler, mountain climber and writer, born in Philadelphia. After graduating from Bryn Mawr College in 1896, she held responsible civic positions in Philadelphia, helping to bring about important reforms.

After traveling to various parts of the world, she made eight ascents of first class peaks in the Alps in 1909 – 1910. In 1911 her inadequate expedition failed to make the ascent of Mount Blackburn (16,140 feet) in Alaska – but, returning in early 1912, she accomplished the first ascent of this sub-Arctic peak. This expedition was followed by a journey of three hundred miles on foot and by open, camp-built boat over the Alaskan wilderness to the Yukon River, by way of Skolai Pass, which Miss Keen was the first woman ever to cross.

In 1914, with three men, she made scientific observations of various glaciers in Alaska, contributed numerous articles to popular geographical magazines, and lectured on her experiences. She became a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, London, the same year.


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