Ellen H. RichardsEllen H. Richards
American Sanitary Chemist, Educator and Author
1842 – 1911 A.D.

Ellen Henrietta Richards, an American sanitary chemist, educator, and author, born at Dunstable, Mass.

After graduating at Vassar in 1870, she studied for three years at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where from 1876 till her death she was an instructor and chemist. She specialized in oil and water analysis and the chemistry of foods, and made researches relative to spontaneous combustion and explosion.

In 1875 she married Robert Hallowell Richards, the eminent mining engineer and metallurgist.

Among the important and most popular books by Mrs. Richards are: Chemistry of Cooking and Cleaning, Food Materials and their Adulterations, The Cost of Living, Air, Water and Food, Sanitation in Daily Life, and Euthenics, the Science of Controllable Environment.


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