Frances E. H. BurnettFrances E. H. Burnett
American Author
1849 – 1924 A.D.

Frances E. H. Burnett, an American author, born in England, came to the United States at the lose of the Civil War.

Her reputation as a writer became firmly established by That Lass o’Lowrie’s (1877), a powerful story of life in the English mining districts. Her most popular book, Little Lord Fauntleroy (1886), was dramatized with great success.

Other notable novels and stories by Mrs. Burnett are: A Lady of Quality, A Fair Barbarian, Editha’s Burglar, Through One Administration, The Shuttle and The Dawn of a Tomorrow.

She also wrote a play, Esmaralda (1881), with W. H. Gillette, founded on one of her short stories, which was successfully produced at the Madison Square Theatre, New York.


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