Hannah Sabin Cooke
Wife of Wife of War Governor Nicholas Cooke
1721 – 1792 A.D.

Hannah Sabin, daughter of Hezekiah Sabin, was the first settler of a section of Northeast Connecticut, where for many years his “Red Tavern” was a favourite [sic] hostelry for travellers [sic]. He was of Huguenot extraction, and his family had come into Massachusetts before 1643.

Hannah was born in 1721 and was married to Nicholas Cooke of Providence, Rhode Island, about 1774. They had one son, Jesse, who married first Rosanna Sheldon, daughter of Captain Christopher Sheldon, of Providence. His second wife was Hannah, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Warner.

Nicholas Cooke was the first Governor of Rhode Island, elected after Joseph Wanton, the last of the royal governors, was driven out. He was elected in 1775.


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