Martha J. R. LambMartha J. R. Lamb
American Historian
1829 – 1893 A.D.

Martha Joanna Reade Lamb, an American historian, born at Plainfield, Mass. She was married to Charles A. Lamb in 1852, and after some years’ residence in the West, removed to New York in 1866 where she became a favorite socially.

Mrs. Lamb was secretary of the first Sanitary Fair and held membership in many learned societies.

From 1883 till her death she edited the Magazine of American History, in which she published many of her own essays. Her chief book, the History of the City of New York (two volumes, 1877 – 1881), was the valuable result of about fifteen years of patient labor and research.

Other volumes worthy of mention are The Homes of America and Wall Street in History.


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