History's Women: Early America: Mary Deveaux Bulloch - Wife of Colonel Archibald Bulloch, Signer of the Declaration of IndependenceMary Deveaux Bulloch
Wife of War Governor Colonel Archibald Bulloch
1747 – 1841 A.D.

Mary Deveaux, daughter of Colonel James Deveaux, a prominent planter of Georgia, became the wife of Colonel Archibald Bulloch, afterward President and Commander-in-Chief of Georgia, somewhere around 1760. Colonel Bulloch was one of the foremost patriots of the Province and was chosen by the legislature, together with Dr. Lyman Hall, Button Gwinnett, and George Walton, as delegates to the Continental Congress, and like George Clinton of New York, would have been a signer, but for the fact of having been called to a more urgent duty at the time of the signatures of the members of that body were affixed to the immortal document, having been elected president.

There is a letter preserved, written to Col. Bulloch by John Adams, three days before the signing of the Declaration, in which the Braintree statesman says: “…your countrymen have done themselves the justice to place you at the head of their affairs, a station in which you may perhaps render more essential service to them and to America than  you could here…Your colleagues, Hall and Gwinnett, are both in good health and spirits, and as firm as you yourself could wish them.”

Colonel Bulloch, who had been born and educated in Charleston, S.C., had removed to Georgia, shortly after completing his legal studies in Charleston, and had taken up a plantation on the Savannah River, where he married Miss Deveaux. Here he lived until the Revolution, when he removed his family into Savannah. He died in 1777, and his widow was left with four children. Col. James Bulloch, the eldest son, married Ann, daughter of Dr. John Irvine, who bore him two sons, John Irvine and James Stephens. Col. Bulloch’s second child was Jane Bulloch, and there were two younger sons, Archibald and William.


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