Mary E. M. DodgeMary E. M. Dodge
American Editor, Author and Poet
1838 – 1905 A.D.

Mary Elizabeth Mapes Dodge, an American editor, author and poet, born in New York. She married William Dodge, a lawyer, but was soon left a widow, and began her literary work on the staff of Hearth and Home.

In 1873 she became editor of St. Nicholas, the juvenile magazine, which under her direction, became the leading publication of its kind.

Her best known work is Hans Brinker, or the Silver Skates, which has gone through many editions and has been translated into five foreign languages.

Among Mrs. Dodge’s other works, chiefly for young readers are: Irvington Stories, The Land of Pluck, Along the way, When Life is Young and Poems and Verses.


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