Mary Putnam JacobiMary Putnam Jacobi
American Physician
1842 – 1906 A.D.

Mary Putnam Jacobi, an American physician, daughter of George P. Putnam the publisher. She was the first woman to graduate from the New York College of Pharmacy, in 1862. Later she spent some time in the Paris hospitals, and studied at the School of Medicine there. After her return to New York she began practice, and was lecturer at the new Women’s Medical College.

In 1873 she was married to the eminent physician, Abraham Jacobi. The following year she organized and became president of the association for the advancement of the medical education of women; and she was the first woman admitted to the New York medical societies and to the American Medical Association.

Her writing on medical subjects was considerable and important, and in 1876 the Boylston essay prize was awarded her by Harvard University.


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