Susannah Lloyd Wharton
Wife of War Governor Thomas Wharton, Jr.
1723 – 1789 A.D.

History's Women: Early America: Susannah Lloyd Wharton's husband - Thomas Wharton, Jr., Signer of the Declaration of Independence

Thomas Wharton, Jr.

John Penn, the last of the Proprietary governors of Pennsylvania shook the dust of the rebellious Province from his feet, in 1775, and went back to England. For some months, a Committee of Safety exercised the functions of government, with Benjamin Franklin as President, and then a Supreme Executive Council, with a president elected yearly, succeeded the Committee of Safety. Thomas Wharton, Jr., was elected first President and continued in office until his death in Lancaster, in May, 1778. He was born in Chester County, removed to Philadelphia while a young man, and was apprenticed to Reese Meredith, the father-in-law of George Clymer, the Signer. He was married to Susannah Lloyd, a descendant of Thomas Lloyd, President of the Provincial Council.

They had five children as follows: Lloyd, married Mary Rogers; Kearney, married Maria Salter, William Moore, married Mary Waln, first, Deborah Shoemaker, second; Sarah Norris, married Dr. Benjamin Tallman, first, Samuel Courtaulet, second, and Susannah.

Mrs. Wharton died in 1789 and President Wharton married a second wife, Elizabeth, daughter of William Fishbourne, by whom he had three children.


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