A minute with Juli Inkster from HistorysWomen.com

Juli Inkster’s story is one of perseverance and patience. In 1983, Juli burst on the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) tour in a blaze of glory. She had an extraordinary rookie year, capturing the Nabisco Dinah Shore and du Maurier Classic, becoming the first rookie to win two major championships on one season. She was also named 1984 LPGA Rookie of the Year. After this amazing year, Juli’s career floundered. Her play became inconsistent and, except for her 1989 Dinah Shore victory, Juli failed to win another Grand Slam tournament for fifteen years.

During this time, she was tempted to retire and devote her time to her husband and raising her two daughters. But Juli has a competitive spirit. “I love to compete”, she has stated. “It’s in my blood.” (Golf Today Internet Site). So she kept at her game. Suddenly her game returned and in 1999, Juli won the United States Women’s Open, her third of the four Grand Slam events. She went on that same year to win the 1999 LPGA Open, the day after she turned 40 years old, taking the fourth title to complete her Grand Slam.

What made the difference in Juli Inkster’s career? Juli had a quiet, uncomplaining endurance, persevering and remaining diligent in her quest to improve her game. While it isn’t always easy to persevere, the results of such diligence can be seen, as demonstrated in the life of this great golfer.