History's Women: The Arts: Margaret E. Sangster, Author and Editor of "Harper's Bazaar"Margaret E. Sangster
Author and Editor of Harper’s Bazaar
1838 – 1912 A.D.

Mrs. Sangster has been connected editorially with five different publications.

Her early educational advantages, so far as school life was concerned, are few. She was chiefly educated at home. No doubt she ha inborn talent for literary work, but whatever she possessed she also carefully cultivated. Very early in life she became a contributor to the leading periodicals, and her first work was produced when she was but seventeen.

Her first editorial engagement was with the Hearth and Home, which continue for two years. The came six years of service with the Christian at Work.  The next nine years was spent as assistant editor of the Christian Intelligencer. For the most part of this time she was also editor of Harper’s Young People, which was new in the field o periodical literature.

In 1890 she was called to the editorship of Harper’s Bazaar, with which she is still connected.

Mrs. Sangster has found time for considerable miscellaneous work, and for many years has been ranked as one of our popular American poets.

She has published a Manual of missions of the Reformed Church in America, Home Fairies and Heart Flowers, and a series of Sunday school books.

Mrs. Sangster if a prominent member of the Dutch Reformed Church and devotes much time to the work of that body. She is especially fond of children. Years ago two of her productions, Elizabeth, Aged Nine, and Are the Children at Home? were household words, and were in many of the school readers. She has written in all some half dozen poplar books for children.

She has helped a great host of friends who have never met her but through her writings have learned to lover her. And, further, another widely scattered company have given her better views of life, and new courage discharging life’s duties, though they scarcely know the name of Mrs. Sangster.


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