History's Women: Misc. Articles: Mrs. Mary Virginia Terhune, Celebrated Writer on Domestic EconomyMrs. Mary Virginia Terhune
“Marian Harland”
Celebrated Writer on Domestic Economy
1830 – 1922 A.D.

Her pen name is a household word in our land. Intimate friends tell us how charmingly she has combined “home making” with literary work. She possesses a masterful way of making duties fit each other without fuss or jostle.

Who can say how many hundred homes have been brightened and sweetened and made more wholesome in everything from food to atmosphere by her wise and happy writings?

Miss Mary Virginia Hawes was born in Virginia, though her parents were natives of New England.

Her education was of the best; and while pursuing her studies she showed marked ability. At fourteen years of age she began to contribute to a weekly paper in Richmond. At sixteen she wrote Marrying Through Prudential Motives, which was so popular as to be published in England and translated into French and finally retranslated [sic] into English and again published. Finally, it reappeared in the United States in its altered form.

She became the wife of Rev. Edward Payson Terhune, who has for many years been the pastor of the Puritan Congregational Church of Brooklyn N.Y.

Mrs. Terhune’s writing has not all been along the same lines, but she has written several novels; among them, Alone, a tale of Southern life and manners, The Hidden Path, True as Steel.

Husbands and Homes; Common Sense in the Household; Breakfast, Luncheon, and Tea; The Dinner Year Book; Eve’s Daughters, or Common Sense for Maid, Wife, and Mother, are books whose titles speak for themselves.

She is widely known as a lecturer before Women’s councils on “The Kitchen as a Moral Agency,” “Our sons and Our Daughters,” and “How to Grow Old Gracefully.”


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