Of these at this time there are about one million. About 6000,000 are employed in the Educational pursuits, as school teachers, professors in colleges, and universities, librarians, instructors of domestic science, etc. About 150,000 are connected with Medicine, as trained nurses, dentists, physicians, surgeons, etc. Music claims 100,000 as musicians, singers, and teachers of music. Some 25,000 follow the Arts, as artists, sculptors, photographers, and teachers of art.

The stage has almost 15,000 actresses, dancers, theatrical managers, agents and officials. Letters and Literature are represented by 8,000 authors, editors, journalists and reporters. Over 3,500 women are devoted to Science, as chemists, architects, astronomers, inventors, civil and electrical engineers, etc. The Law is practiced by 1,800 as lawyers, notaries and judges, while the Church has over 600 members of the clergy.


Reference: Famous Women; An Outline of Feminine Achievement Through the Ages With Life Stories of Five Hundred Noted Women By Joseph Adelman. Copyright, 1926 by Ellis M. Lonow Company.