History's Miscellaneous Articles: Top Five Women in The History of JewelryJewelry has always symbolized women, but no one talks about the ladies who designed the jewelry industry. However, the past century has provided the world with some of the most artistic and exceptional female jewelry designers the world has ever known, who not only made themselves into household names but who also set their place in jewelry’s long, rich history.

Suzanne Belperron:

Suzanne Belperron is undeniably one of the utmost artists in jewelry design. She was born in 1900 at Saint Claude, France, and studied at the École des Beaux-Arts.

She started her jewelry career in 1919 at the prominent Maison René Boivin in Paris. Belperron made a name for herself by using gemstones such as chalcedony, rock crystal, and smoky topaz in her designs. However Belperron was so confident, that she never signed her work, because she believed her style was signature enough.

Belperron accepted the offer in 1932 by Parisian jewelry company B. Herz to work under his name, where she was open to discovering the organic shapes and nature-inspired motifs she adored.

Belperron was also famed for her act of heroism during WW2. During World War II, Belperron re-registered the company in her name when, Bernard Herz was arrested by the Nazis and later murdered at Auschwitz. However, she continued to run his business with her close Parisian clients and friends, until a tragic accident took her life in March 1983.

Paloma Picasso (1949):

Paloma Picasso is another renowned designer in the history of jewelry. She was born in 1949, in Paris, to artists Pablo Picasso and Françoise Gilot.

She got her first professional experience in jewelry in 1968, designing costume pieces for a Paris theatre production. Then she created a collection of costume jewelry for her friend, the couturier Yves Saint-Laurent. Picasso mastered the fundamentals of precious jewelry by taking courses at Paris jewelry. She believes that jewelry is about joy for life and timeless beauty. In 1979, Tiffany design director John Loring invited Paloma to design a tablescape for Tiffany displays. A year later, she introduced her first exclusive jewelry collection for Tiffany & Co.

Elsa Peretti:

Elsa Peretti was born in Florence, Italy, in 1940 and moved to New York City in 1968 to model for the renowned Wilhelmina agency. Elsa Peretti was another famous female jewelry designer who shares her anonymity with Paloma Picasso at Tiffany. In 1969, Peretti began designing new jewelry styles for a handful of fashion designers in Manhattan.

Her first design was a two-inch bud vase, made of sterling silver as a pendant on a leather thong necklace, that was inspired by a find at a flea market.

Peretti’s career touched the sky in the jewelry field receiving the 1971 Coty Award for jewelry design. Her creations were wide-ranging apart from silverware, which included a silver pizza cutter. She also designed pens, ashtrays, a gold mesh bra, and perfume bottles for Halston. However, the jewelry line remained the center of her work.

Vogue states her as arguably the most successful woman ever to work in the jewelry field.

Carolina Bucci:

Carolina Bucci is a jewelry designer whose creations are identical to a modern and effortless sense of luxury. Bucci was born in Florence, Italy 1976. She’s a 4th generation Italian jeweler. She returned to Florence upon her graduation and worked alongside local goldsmiths, inspiring them to push the boundaries of their traditional practices to design her first collections, Lucky and then Woven, becoming two of her trademark collections. A selection of her designs is in the eternal jewelry collection of the Palazzo Pitti museum in Florence.

In 2003, Vogue UK featured a cover photo of Salma Hayek wearing a Carolina Bucci necklace, leading Bucci to develop her first non-US retailer: London multi-brand store, Browns.

Sheryl Jones:

Sheryl Jones, an African-American jewelry designer, is a true pioneer and the only Black woman in history to be on the NYC Diamond Exchange on 47th street today. Jones started her career in fine jewelry in 1999, working as a learner with one of Belgium’s best diamond manufacturers. A few years later, she extended her expertise supervising diamond production, for an American manufacturer.

Sheryl Jones states that: I have always been passionate about fine gemstones transformative power and beauty and dreamed of one day bringing music’s similar vitality to a fine jewelry collection of her own.
In 2002 Jones began selling her jewelry designs and now has her jewelry line: Sheryl Jones Designs.

Jewelry has an absolute ability to bring out the best in a women’s features and personality. Jewelry has become more valuable and trendier over time as new styles and designs enter the marketplace. You can discover expertly crafted, unique, or custom handmade pieces at jewelry for her selection.


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