Amelia B. EdwardsAmelia B. Edwards
English Author, Traveller and Lecturer
1831 – 1892 A.D.

Amelia B. Edwards, an English author, traveller [sic] and lecturer. During the early part of her life she achieved distinction as a novelist, critic, and writer on many subjects, and her books describing her visits to various parts of Europe were widely read. In 1878 she published A Thousand Miles up the Nile, which became a classic on Egypt, and was pronounced “one of the brilliant, fascinating books of travel for all time.”

During the winter of 1889 – 1890, at the request of twenty-five college presidents, and such men as Lowell, Whittier, Holmes and Howells, Miss Edwards came to America and delivered a course of lectures on Egypt which were very successful. She was a member of many learned societies, and wrote the article on Egyptology in the Encyclopedia Brittanica

By her will she gave her valuable liberary [sic] to Somerville Hall, a college for women at Oxford. She is gratefully remembered for her winsome presence and generous nature, and for her scholarship of usefulness in the world of thought.


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