Emily FaithfullEmily Faithfull
English Philanthropist
1835 – 1895 A.D.

Emily Faithfull, an English philanthropist. She took a great interest in the conditions of working-women, and with the object of extending their sphere of labor, which was then painfully limited, in 1860, she set up in London a printing establishment for women. The “Victoria Press,” as it was called, met at first with great opposition, but soon obtained quite a reputation for its excellent work, and Miss Faithfull was shortly afterwards appointed  printer and publisher in ordinary to Queen Victoria.

In 1863 she began the publication of a monthly organ, The Victoria Magazine, in which for eighteen years she continuously and earnestly advocated the claims of women to remunerative employment. With the object of furthering the interests of her sex, she lectured widely and successfully both in England and the United States.


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