Julie de LespinasseJulie de Lespinasse
French Lady Remarkable for her Intellectual Gifts and Accomplishments
1732 – 1776 A.D.

Julie Jeanne Élénore de Lespinasse, a French lady remarkable for her intellectual gifts and accomplishments.

During the latter part of the reign of Louis XV, her house became the great centre of attraction for the notabilities of Paris.

She enlisted the regard of D’Alembert, Marmontel, La Rochefoucauld, and other eminent literary men, and her unusual qualities, both of the mind and the heart, made a profound impression upon all who were brought in contact with her.

The letters of Mme. de Lespinasse were published at Paris in 1809, and her Life by the Marquis de Ségus appeared in 1907


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