Lady Arthur PagetLady Arthur Paget
English-American Social Leader, Philanthropist and War Nurse
1865 – 1919 A.D.

Lady Arthur Paget, an English-American social leader, philanthropist and war nurse. She was the daughter of Paran Stevens of Boston, Mass., and became the wife of Sir Arthur H. Paget.

During the reign of Edward VII, she was one of the foremost leaders of London society, and her home was frequented by all who were celebrated in the world of society, literature, and art.

During the Boer War she equipped a hospital ship and called it the Maine.

She made a collection of furniture of the period of James I for the Jamestown Exposition.

When Sir Arthur Paget was a Minister at Belgrade, she rendered herself universally beloved for her services in relieving distress and suffering during the first and second Balkan wars.

During the great World War of 1814 – 1819 Lady Paget rendered valuable service in Serbia, where she maintained a hospital and worked in co-operation with the American Red Cross. The natives of Serbia, from the monarch downward, revered her almost like a saint, and her services there won the praise of the Austro-Hungarian Government, one of the rare occasions in the war in which a belligerent nation said a kind word, even in the name of humanity, about the subjects of an enemy nation.


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