Queen of Prussia
1776 – 1810 A.D.

Louise, Queen of Prussia, mother of William I, Emperor of Germany.

She was married in 1793 to the crown prince, who as Frederick William III, became King of Prussia in 1797. She bore ten children during the seventeen years of her happy married life, and was deeply devoted by her husband and her subjects.

But Europe was passing through troublous times, and Prussia was over-powered by the triumphant armies of Napoleon Bonaparte.

During these trials the queen was the constant helpmate and adviser of her husband, and when she died, Napoleon said: “The king has lost his best minister.”

Queen Louise represented the highest type of womanhood, and, while she endured much, was patient in the midst of suffering. Beautiful and gracious, kind to the lowest and the highest, the cultivated friend of poets and statesmen, a devoted wife and mother, she was for many years the inspiration of her country.


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