Adah Isaacs MenkenAdah Isaacs Menken
American Actress
1835 – 1868 A.D.

Adah Isaacs Menken, an American actress, born at New Orleans, La. She first appeared as a danseuse, and was received with marked favor in Cuba, Texas and Mexico.

In 1863 she visited London, and played with great success the rĂ´le of Mazeppa, repeating her success later in Paris and Vienna. Her last appearance was in Paris where she died at the age of thirty-three.

Adah Menken was noted as a woman of extraordinary beauty, culture, and brilliancy. She was famous for her marriages and divorces: Alexander Isaacs Menken, musician (1856) John C. Heenam, pugilist (1859), Robert H. Newell, humorist (1863), and James Barclay (1866).

A volume of poetry by her was published as Infelicia (1868).


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