Anne C. Edgren-LefflerAnne C. Edgren-Leffler
Swedish Realistic Novelist and Dramatist
1849 – 1892 A.D.

Anne Charlotte Edgren-Leffler, a Swedish realistic novelist and dramatist. Her short stories, By Chance, From Life, A Summer Story, Woman and Love – and her dramas, The Actress, The Curate, The Fairy, Ideal Women, The Struggle for Happiness, and A Rescuing Angel, are the most noteworthy and characteristic of her many works.

Her dramatic method forms a connecting link between Isben and Strindberg, and its masculien directness, freedom from prejudice, and frankness gave her work a high estimation in Sweden.

Her lat book was a biography (1892) of her friend Sonya Kovalevsky. Her Life by Ellen Key, was published in 1893.


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