Anne DacierAnne Dacier
Devoted Herself to Education
1654 – 1720 A.D.

Anne Dacier, daughter of the learned Tanneguy LeFèvre, who devoted himself to her education, so that at his death in 1672, she was one of the most accomplished scholars in France.

In 1674 she published an edition of Callimachus, and the reputation acquired by this work procured her an invitation to assist in preparing the Delphin edition of Classic authors.

In 1863 she was married to André Dacier, a favorite of her father, under whom they had for many years been fellow pupils. this union was called “the marriage of Greek and Latin.” Mme. Dacier thenceforth continued to devote herself to literary pursuits, and translated several plays of Plautus, the whole of Terence, the Iliad and Odyssey, of Homer, Platus and Clouds of Aristophanes, and the whole of Anacreon and Sappho. She also assisted her husband in the translation of Marcus Aurelius and Plutarch’s Lives.

She was distinguished for modesty and amiability, and amid her engrossing literary avocations did not neglect her domestic and maternal duties.


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