Euphrosyne Parepa Rosa

Euphrosyne Parepa Rosa was born in Edinburgh , Scotland on May 7, 1836 to Baron Georgiades de Boyesku, of Bucharest , a Wallachian nobleman. Her father died when Parepa was only a baby, leaving her mother a widow at twenty-one and in great poverty. Her mother took to singing in public and trained her for the same profession. Epuphrosyne made great progress in her musical studies and at the same time learned to speak fluent English, Italian, French, German, and Spanish.
When she was sixteen years old, Epuphrosyne appeared in public for the first time in the city of Malta ; then at Naples , Genoa , Rome , Florence , Madrid , and Lisbon . Wherever she sang, she became a great favorite of the public.
In 1857, Parepa appeared in London and was well received. Because of her initial popularity and the fact that she was able to sustain her reputation as a singer, she continued in England for nine years. During this time in England she met and married a British officer, Captain Carvell of the East India service, but he died shortly after their marriage.
In 1866, Epuphrosyne came to America and made a tour of the country with Levy, the noted cornetist, and Carl Rosa, a violinist. The tour began with concert work in New York , but afterwards she took up the opera. In 1867 Epuphrosyne became the wife of Carl Rosa and between the years of 1869-1872 she organized an English Opera Company with her husband. The company toured the large cities of the U.S. , with her as the star.
Mrs. Rosa’s voice was a pure soprano. She sang with great power and compass. She was thoroughly trained in the technical parts of music and she sang beautifully.

Euphrosyne Parepa Rosa died in London , England , on January 21, 1874 at a young age. She died just four months before her 38th birthday.