Juliette AdamJuliette Adam
French Writer
1836 – 1936 A.D.

Juliette Adam, a French writer, known also by her maiden name of Juliette Lamber. One of her first books is an account of her experiences during the siege of Paris in 1870 – 1871, when her husband Antoine Adam was prefect police.

Her Novelle Revue, founded in 1879, and her salon have both been politically influential. She has written on politics, literature, education and the position of women. The most famous of her numerous novels is Painne (1883), a passionate protest against the anti-natural, or supernatural, in Christianity. Her reminiscences (1904 – 1905) contain much interesting gossip about her distinguished contemporaries.

After the European war broke out, Mme. Adam, despite her eighty years, engaged valiantly in war work, toiling unceasingly in aid of those who suffered.


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