History's Women: The Arts: Louise C. Moulton, Poetess, Novelest and Newspaper CorrespondentLouise C. Moulton
Poetess, Novelest and Newspaper Correspondent
1835 – 1908 A.D.

Miss Chandler was born in Pomfret, Connecticut, and for years after winning literary fame made the place of her residence for a part of the year. She is a charming woman in the noblest sense of the word and warmly admired by her hundreds of friends and thousands of readers.

When she was but eighteen a Boston firm published a collection of her stories and poems under the title of This, That and the Other. It was a pronounced success and quickly reached the sale of fifteen thousand copies. Louise attended school for a year at Mrs. Willard’s Seminary at Troy, and in the year following she married to Mr. William Moulton, a Boston Editor and publisher who knew her through her writings.

After the publication of Juno Clifford, a novel, she wrote for Harper’s, Atlantic, Scribner’s, Young Folks, and Youth’s Companion.

In 1870 she began her work of Boston correspondent of the New York Tribune, and continued her letters, sometimes four per week, for six years.

In 1876 she visited Europe, where she did considerable literary work amid the delights of travel. One of her books was published while she visited in London was highly praised.

Her Bedtime Stories were dedicated to her own little daughter, who seemed to have been her inspiration. Other works are: Little Mother, Some Women’s Hearts, Fleeing from Tah, and Swallow Flights (a collection of poems.)

We quote two verses of her poem, House of Death.

“There is rust upon locks and hinges,
And mold and blight on the walls,
And silence faints in the chambers,
And darkness waits in the halls.

“Waits as all things have waited
Since she went, that day of spring,
Borne in her pallid spendor
To dwell in the court of the King.”


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