Louise MühlbachLouise Mühlbach
German Novelist
1814 – 1873 A.D.

Louise Mühlbach, the pseudonym of Klara Müller Mundt, a German novelist. In 1839 she was married to the author, Theodore Mundt, and in the same year published her first novel.

The long series of historical romances which followed gained great popularity, and brought her a large fortune, enabling her to support her husband during the long illness which proceeded his death, and to build a handsome residence in Berlin, where she was a prominent figure in literary society.

Mme. Mundt was an advocate of female suffrage and of great changes in the social political views, and a frequent participant in reform movements. She wrote many essays on social questions.

Her stories have been translated into English, and are well known in Great Britain and America. The most important of these works are: Frederick the Great and his Court, Henry VIII and Catharine Parr, Louisa of Prussia and her Times, Marie Antoinette and her Son, The Empress Josephine and The Thirty Years’ War.

She wrote in all more than fifty separate novels, comprising nearly one hundred volumes.


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