Maria A. KauffmannMaria A. Kauffmann
Swiss Painter
1741 – 1807 A.D.

Maria Angelica Kauffmann, a Swiss painter. At the age of fifteen she was taken to Milan and put under the best masters, and in 1763 she accompanied her father to Rome. Winckelmann, the art critic, spoke in the warmest terms of her many accomplishments, and of her intimate acquaintance with modern languages.

She painted many portraits of distinguished people, and in 1765 accompanied Lady Wentworth to England, where she was received with every mark of attention.

Upon the establishment of the Royal Academy she was chosen one of the thirty-six original members.

In 1781 she married Signor Antonio Zucchi, an artist, and passed the rest of her life in Rome. Many of her works were engraved by Bantolozzi.

She retained her maiden name until her death.


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