Marie CorelliMarie Corelli
English Novelist
1864 – 1924 A.D.

Marie Corelli, a popular English novelist, daughter of  an Italian father and a Scottish mother, but in infancy was adopted by Charles Mackay.

In 1886 she published under the title of A Romance of Two Worlds a clever and well-written story on the theme of a self-revelation connecting the Christian Deity with a world force in the form of electricity. It had an immediate and large sale, and Miss Corelli devoted her inventive faculty to satisfy the public demand for similar works.

She wrote in succession a series of melodramatic romantic novels, among them: Vendetta, Thelma, Ardath, Barrabas, The Sorrows of Satan, and Temporal Power, all of which met with public approval, although literary critics have not always given them serious consideration.


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