Mary T. S. Putnam
American Author
1810 – 1898 A.D.

Mary Traill Spence Putnam, an American author, sister of James Russell Lowell, born in Boston, where in 1832 she married Sam’l R. Putnam, a merchant of that city.

After living abroad, especially in Poland and Hungary, collecting material, she in 1850 published a History of the Constitution of Hungary in its Relations to Austria.

From 1851 to 1857 she resided in France and Germany, perfecting herself as a polyglot linguist.

Returning to the United States, she took a prominent part in the abolitionist movement, which she supported vigorously with her pen. Besides numerous contributions to magazines in literature and history, she wrote two metrical dramas on slavery, and made a translation from the Swedish of Fredrika Bremer’s The Neighbors.


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