Pauline G. ViardotPauline G. Viardot
Spanish Vocalist
1821 – 1910 A.D.

Pauline Garcia Viardot, a Spanish vocalist, born in Paris. She studied singing under her father, Manual Garcia, and at a later period Liszt perfected her in piano-playing.

In 1825 she was taken with the Garcia troupe to America, and after their return in 1828 she sang in the concerts of her sister, Mme. Milibran.

She first appeared in opera in London in 1939, and the following year was married to Louis Vairdot, the French author and operatic manager. She was brilliantly successful in all the European capitals, and possessing a mezzo-soprano voice of remarkable compass and elasticity, was able to sing with almost equal facility in French, Italian, German, Spanish and English.

Mme. Vairdot also achieved distinction as a composer, and was for some years a professor of music at the conservatory of Paris.


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