Susan E. FerrierSusan E. Ferrier
Scottish Novelist
1782 – 1854 A.D.

Susan Edmonstone Ferrier, a Scottish novelist, born in Edinburgh. She was an intimate friend of Sir Walter Scott and some of the most eminent literari [sic] of her day. Scott himself gave Miss Ferrier a high place among novelists of her time. In his diary (March 27, 1826), criticising [sic] a new work which he had been reading, he says, “The women do this better. Edgeworth, Ferrier, Austen, have all given portraits of real society far superior to anything man, vain man, has produced of the like nature.”

Miss Ferrier wrote three novels: Marriage, The Inheritance, and Destiny, all vigorous and lively pictures of Scottish life and character, written in clear, brisk English, with an inexhaustible fund of humor.


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