Wilma NerudaWilma Neruda
English Violinist
1839 – 1911 A.D.

Wilma Neruda, known in her later years as Lade Hallé, an English violinist, born in Austria. She came of a distinguished family of violinists, and was the daughter of Josef Neruda, organist of the Cathedral at Brünn, in Moravia.

She began to play the violin almost as soon as she could walk, and at seven years of age made her first appearance in Vienna where she excited much astonishment by the extraordinary power of her bow, and her great execution, notwithstanding the smallness of her hands.

In 1864, after playing in Paris with unusual success, she married Ludwig Norman, a Swedish musician.

Having frequently played in London, she was induced to remain there after 1969, and appeared in many concerts, playing with every-increasing power and refinement.

In 1888 she married Sir Charles Hallé, and was associated with him on the concert-platform until 1895, when he died. The distinctive title of Violinist to the Queen was conferred upon her by Queen Alexandra in 1901.


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