Ann Cutler
The “Praying Nanny”
1759 – 1794 A.D.

Anne Cutler, known as “praying Nanny,” was converted under the early labors of William Bramwell, and later was frequently in revival meetings with him. Like Anna, the prophetess of the Lord’s day, she gave herself to fasting and prayer. With extraordinary anointing for prayer, she travailed in birth for souls, night and day, praying exceedingly, and the Lord let her see of the travail of her soul many hundreds brought from darkness into light. We need not wait to be called to preach. The Lord has called us, and ordained us to go and bring forth fruit, and each one has at least one talent which, if improved by faithful use, will, like the jawbone, of the ass, accomplish wonders under Divine management.

The following consecration of Anne Cutler was renewed every day, thus keeping her union with God unbroken, and her experience bright as the sun.

“Blessed father, loving Jesus, Holy Spirit! I give my body and soul unto Thy hands. Have Thy whole will in me; use me to Thy glory, and never let me grieve Thy Spirit. I will be Thine ever moment; and all that Thou art is mine. We are fully united; we are ONE; and I pray that we may be one forever.. I give myself again to Thee. Give Thyself again to me.

“Father, I reverence Thy majesty, and sink before Thee. Thou art a holy God. I submit my all to Thee. I live under Thy inspection, and wonder at Thy glory every moment.

“Blessed Jesus! Thou art my constant friend and companion. Thou art always with me. We walk together in the nearest union. I can talk to Thee as my Mediator. Though showest me the Father, and I am lost in beholding His glory. Though takest me out and bringest me in. Thou art with me wherever I go. Mine eyes are upon Thee as my pattern and continual help!

“Holy Spirit! Though art my comforter. I feel for Thee a constant, burning love. My heart is set on fire by Thy blessed influence. I pray by Thy power. It is through Thee I am brought to Jesus; through Jesus I am swallowed up in what I call glory; and I can say, ‘Glory be to the Father, glory be to the Son, and glory be to the Holy Ghost!’

“I have union with the Trinity thus: I see the Son through the Spirit; I find the Father through the Son, and God is my all and in all!”


Reference: Men and Women of Deep Piety by Mrs. Clara McLeister. Edited and published by Rev. E.E. Shelhamer. ©1920.