Hannah MoreHannah More
English Author
1745 – 1833 A.D.

Hannah More, an English author. At the age of sixteen she composed a pastoral drama, The Search after Happiness. Garrick brought out her tragedy of Percy in 1777.

About this time religious impressions induced her to cease her writing for the stage.

Among her next productions were Sacred Dramas (1782), Thoughts on the Manners of the Great (1788) and Religion of the Fashionable World (1791).

At Bath in 1795 she began a monthly periodical of short moral tales which attained an enormous circulation.

In Cheddart she founded several schools, and extended her charitable efforts for the education of the poor into all the surrounding country.

After the appearance of her Strictures on the Modern System of French Education (1799) she was invited to draw up a plan of instruction for the Princess Charlotte of Wales, and produced Hints Toward Forming the Character of a Young Princess (1805). Her most popular work, Coelebs in Search of a Wife (1809), went through ten editions in one year.

She accumulated her writings about £30,000, one-third of which she bequeathed for charitable purposes.


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