Lucrezia Borgia: Daughter of Pope Alexander VI.Lucrezia Borgia
Daughter of Pope Alexander VI.
1480 – 1519 A.D.

Lucrezia, sister of Cesare Borgia, and daughter of Rodriguez Borgia, afterward Pope Alexander VI., was married in 1493 to Giovanni Sforza, Lord of Pesaro, with whom she lived with four years. Her father, upon his accession to the Holy See, dissolved the marriage and gave her to Alphonso, Duke of Bisceglia. On this occasion she was created Duchess of Spoleto and Sermoneta. She had one son by Alphonso, who died young. In June, 1500, Alphonso was stabbed to death by assassins, supposed to have been employed by the infamous Cesare Borgia. Lucrezia has never been accused of any participation in his murder, or in any of her brother’s atrocious deeds. She then retired to Nephi, but was recalled to Rome by her father, and toward the end of 1501 was married to Alphonso d’Este, Duke of Ferrara.

This third marriage was celebrated with great pomp, and marked a new era in her career. When Alphonso was absent in the field of battle he intrusted [sic] with her with the government, in which capacity she gained general approbation. She became a patroness of literature, and lived with wise discretion. Her conduct while living in Rome with her father has been the subject of much obloquy, which seems to rest chiefly on her living in a flagitious [sic] court among profligate scenes. No individual charge can be substantiated against her. On the contrary she is mentioned by contemporary poets and historians in the highest terms. Many of the reports about her were circulated by the Neapolitans [sic], the natural enemies of her family. She died at Farrara in 1519. The Ambrosian Library there is a collection of letters written by her, and a poetical effusion.


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